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Filling up on perfectly smoked meat is always a treat. Sharko's BBQ in Naperville, IL is a family-owned and -operated barbecue restaurant where you'll get more value for your meat. We fill plates high and don't skimp on the fixings, so you and your family will leave full and satisfied. You can also call us to cater for any major event, including weddings, family gatherings and business lunches.

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If you're the type of person whose eyes are always bigger than your stomach, you'll fit right in at Sharko's BBQ. We have an amazing menu of classic barbecue favorites, including mouth-watering sides that remind you of home. On our BBQ catering menu, you'll find:

  • Smoked meats - hand-pulled pork, chicken on the bone, beef brisket, smoked turkey and more, all dripping with deliciousness
  • Sides - macaroni and cheese, farm-house salads, fresh green beans and other veggies, starches and other sides
  • Fresh-baked breads and desserts - classic corn muffins or mini corn muffins, house-made brownies or a whole chocolate cake to feed everyone
We also have a variety of seasonal menu items that rotate in and out throughout the year.

Whether you want to get barbecue catering for your next event, or you're bringing your family by for dinner, we're ready to serve you. Contact us now if you have any questions about our menu.

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