Frequently Asked Questions:

1 lb of Meat will provide 3, 5.3oz servings.

We do not use any nuts, nut oil in any of our ingredients.

Our skin on Cut Fries are fried in Vegetable Oil.

All of our Handcrafted Sauces and Meats are gluten free. Of our 15 sides, Mac N Cheese, Corn Muffins, and Warm Apple\Peach Crisp have gluten.

Our food for pick-up comes ready to serve from our kitchen to yours.

The difference between Chopped and Sliced Angus Brisket is that Sliced is leaner and doesn't include Burnt Ends in the Mix.

Burnt Ends are the top part of the brisket that are re-seasoned and smoked for 10 more hours than the flat, bottom part of the brisket. Not as lean as the bottom part but packed with more flavor. A premium.

Catering Pan Sizes...Half - Pans 13" by 10.5" serves 14-18 Full Pan 20.5" by 10.5" serves 32 to 40 depending on side.