Continuing a Strong Heritage of Food Service in Chicago since 1956.

"Let's Make It Better." - Jerry Sharko


"Beginning 2011, I traveled the South and Midwest for 2 years taking in and experiencing the many styles, techniques, and flavors of BBQ. What I learned in the process of meeting some world class pit masters, owners, and equipment manufacturers is that BBQ has a strong history of bringing family, friends and new acquaintances together. It's an equalizer across many social classes, and it's a type of food when done right makes you walk away feeling good." We are excited with the launch of Sharko's BBQ as we were when we took 1st prize for Best Sauce at Naperville's First Rib Fest on Rotary Hill.
__Brian Sharko

This isn't our first rodeo, nor will it be our last. Every family has a story and ours just happens to evolve around food. Since the 1930s the Sharko name has been synonymous with food both in Chicago and the Western Suburbs. It started with the opening of a family butcher shop by Grandpa George Sharko. The Sharko sons Jerry and George in the 1950's went on branding the Sharko name selling spices, extracts, and small wares through catalog sales. It lead into what they soon realized was an opportunity to start a restaurant in Chicago. Like everything else they poured their savings and heart into opening Sharko's on 63rd St in January of 1956. It was successful from the very 1st day which lead into 2 more additions and the start of a traditional family style menu. With the involvement of two other brothers Don and Greg along with Ron, son of Jerry Sharko, four other restaurants\ banquet halls and a catering company serving corporate food service developed. Greg eventually went on to start Sharko's Catering in Scottsdale, Arizona which is still thriving.